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Hey New Yorker, Is It Time To Clean Your Air Ducts & Vents?

Air duct cleaning is a service where a company will remove dust, mold, or mildew build up inside of the air or heating ducts in your system. Some people laud it as an answer to cutting down indoor pollution, while others say it is a waste of money or even a scam. What’s for sure is that in highly polluted and congested areas like New York City the vents and ducts are usually in a lot worse shape when compared to their suburban counterparts. The good news is that keeping your building’s ducts clean is easy if you have a great professional behind you.

While it’s not necessary to ‘dust’ the inside of your air ducts, since your heating/cooling system is pretty good about keeping these contaminates out, the EPA recommends you do get your ducts cleaned in certain situations.


Mold in Your Ducts:

If you inspect the inside of your air ducts and notice mold, especially if it’s fairly thick, you will urgently want to get your ducts cleaned. Black mold spewing out of your climate control system isn’t just an annoyance, it’s a health hazard. Your family could get sick or even killed.

Black mold is particularly bad for infants and the elderly, so if you notice your family consistently feeling under the weather, getting your ducts inspected and cleaned is a must.


Although not as deadly as mold, mildew has it’s own problems. Mildew can add it’s own issues to your home. A duct with lots of mildew can cause allergies and other problems with your family, and also leave a smell throughout your home.

Nobody enjoys their home smelling like a dank wet dungeon instead of fresh and clean, but if there’s mildew in your ducts that’s exactly what it will smell like. If your ducts are coated with mildew, getting them cleaned by a professional local vent and duct company will also be necessary.

After renovations:

Your ducts should have been sealed during the renovation process, but mistakes do happen. If your ducts were not sealed during renovations, cleaning the ducts is essential to your family’s health and well being. This is especially the case if the renovations include removing asbestos from the home, or mitigation of other dangerous substances such as lead.

Even if it was just a lot of construction, there can be so much dust from construction it can get into the duct-work anyway, potentially damaging the HVAC system attached to it.


Sometimes rodents or other small creatures can make their way into the ducting and set up camp. Even after the rodents have been exterminated, their urine and feces are now blowing through your house at every vent. Cleaning the ducts in this case is once again important to avoid a health hazard, as you don’t want your family to be breathing in animal feces of any sort, let alone those from disease carrying animals like mice.

If you’re noticing a strange smell coming from your ducts, or an inspection of the ducts uncovered a huge problem, getting your ducts clean is important. Dust is unlikely to get past the vents and into the ducts themselves from daily use, but mold, mildew and other contaminants getting past the vents is another story. When in doubt, it’s better to get them cleaned for the peace of mind and safety of your family.